BMW’s chief designer revealed that they plan changes to the kidney grilles of each model

In a recent interview for BMWBLOG, BMW’s chief designer revealed that the kidneys of the cars will continue to change and it is planned further diversification. The presentation of the new brand language that will debut in 2025 during CES was a small sample.

Adrian van Hooydong commented in the interview that the front grill was will adapt to each model to differentiate from each other. Also asked about the controversial design of the M3/M4, the Director said:

“We knew that people were going to speak up because of course we know when we are making a change. We also know that getting people to talk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What would be bad is if people talked but didn’t buy. But talk and buy, then you’re still on the right side.”

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He also anticipated that the next cars will have fewer and fewer conventional buttons. The decision was not made to cut costs because the money is invested elsewhere. In addition, the simplicity of the interior helps the company to increase the sustainability of its cars.

The i Vision Dee presented in the CES 2023 It has many conceptual features, but its front is a preview of what is to come. However, van hooydonk hinted that the color-changing paint is More than a crazy idea.

“So it’s like an instant: you dream it, you visualize it, you build it… nobody wants to see concepts that maybe in ten years they might.” influence my life anymore, it has to happen faster.” said.

BMW wants to follow up the 3.0 CSL with additional body projects, and the chief designer has ruled out the possibility of one based on an electric model.

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