Book your agenda, the first electric Abarth 500 already has a presentation date

Sooner or later this day had to come. After the total electrification that the Fiat 500 has undergone, it was only a matter of time before Abarth took the same path. On November 22 we will finally discover the first electric Abarth 500a more performance and sports version of the 500e that is already on the market, also indicating the path that the scorpion firm will follow from now on with the electric motor increasingly present in its range.

After the leak of the first image of the electric Abarth 500 in the brand’s own facilities, it was a matter of days before the Italian firm confirmed the official date of presentation of this model. Through their social networks, Abarth has announced that on November 22 its vision of the electric Fiat 500 in a sports key will finally be revealeda project as controversial as it is interesting for everything it represents.

The Abarth 500 could reach 190 hp and still maintain a range of up to 270 km

The launch of an electric Abarth 500 is the logical consequence of the electrification process that Fiat is undergoing. After recently updating the 595 and 695 models in order to complete the end of their commercial life, Abarth needed to give a breath of fresh air to its range, a renewal that could not occur in any other way than through an electric Abarth 500 that allows the brand to enter the world of electric cars… although in its own way, proposing a sporting and aspirational vision.

At the moment we do not have details or data that clearly define this electric Abarth 500, but taking into account the basis on which it will be developed, we must expect powers of up to 190 hp and a more radical set-up that affects suspensions, geometries, brakes, steering and tires. The bodies available will be two, the coupe and the convertibleremaining to confirm the possibility of seeing the 3+1 variant within the Abarth 500 range.

You can follow the presentation through YouTube, directly here:

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