Bugatti Chiron Successor Will “Break People Out of Water,” Designers Say

Bugatti isn’t hiding that a Chiron successor is coming, but there’s still plenty of mystery about its appearance. Autocar had the opportunity to interview some of the designers of the new model and get their opinion on the new vehicle.

“It’s going to be amazing, proportionally, technologically, in terms of innovation, in terms of the unexpected. It’s going to take people by surprise, and it’s really fun to do this.” Bugatti Deputy Design Director Frank Heyl said. He also indicated the vehicle would “be even more stunning” than the open-top Mistral, which just debuted during Monterey Car Week.

The company boss Mate Rimac freely admits that the new Bugatti has a very electric combustion engine. In a recent video, he talks about the powertrain saying: “It’s going in the opposite direction that everyone probably expected.”

Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt said Autocar a little about his views on the style of the new model. “There is an opportunity to be a bit more athletic for Bugatti’s future form without losing the general attitude of generosity or sovereignty,” he said. “It will also have constraints, due to performance and performance needs. But we know every centimeter of our car so well now that we know exactly where [change] will help us and where it will cause problems.”

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According to previous reports, Bugatti already has a complete design for the new model, and the company is allegedly showing it to clients for orders. The public debut is possible in 2024.

Bugatti has now completed production of the 500 Chiron. Everything has a buyer, but the company has to build it. It recently shipped the last Super Sport 300+ variant.

All signs point to the Mistral (gallery above) as the last Chiron-based product from Bugatti. This might mark the end of the line for the W16’s 8.0-liter quad-turbo as well. The automaker makes 99 of them, and deliveries begin in 2024. Each costs €5 million, and the entire production process already has a buyer.

In the video below, the Mate Rimac talks a bit about the future of Bugatti:

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