Bugatti Teaser Promises “Last Of Its Kind” Debuts August 19th

The latest teaser for Bugatti’s upcoming debut promises the vehicle is “the last of its kind.” This special model debuts at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering, during Monterey Car Week at 10:20 am Pacific time.

The teaser video shows a sideways V-shaped taillight leading to a horizontal headlight. If we could see both taillights, then we would expect them to make an X-shaped layout at the tail of the vehicle.

The first teaser (below) is equally enigmatic. It had the message “unlock icon.” The attached image shows a stack of illuminated bars. The image has shown one of the vehicle’s headlights.

Calling this vehicle an “icon” and “the last of its kind” only adds to the mystery as the styling cues seen in the teaser images don’t seem to match the current Bugatti. This makes us wonder if the company is referring to something different by saying this is the last model of its kind.

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Bugatti boss Mate Rimac says the Chiron successor is very electric, and he seriously hinted that it might not have a W16 engine. With these bits of evidence in mind, perhaps the premiere vehicle at The Quail is actually the last Bugatti without the aid of a hybrid.

There have also been rumors of the new vehicle being a limited convertible. In this case, “the last of its kind” probably means this is the last Bugatti to be ridden in a Chiron chassis.

Bugatti is currently finalizing production of the Chiron family. All standard and Bolide model units have buyers, but the company still needs to build them. It already shipped all Super Sport 300+ units. Centodieci customers also started receiving their cars.

The Chiron successor is reportedly debuting to the public in 2024. Though, the design is supposedly finished, and Bugatti is showing the car to potential buyers to fill out the order book. The company says the model has features never seen before on a production vehicle. The automaker expects customers to come “in awe” of the engine.

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