Bulletproof and bombproof armor, the new Defender option for those who fear for their lives

Although physics says otherwise, there are many who feel very safe when driving a car the size of the Land Rover Defender thanks to its dimensions and the large amount of bodywork it has. This does not mean that a car is necessarily safer compared to others with a lower center of gravity, better aerodynamics and stability; but the folks at TRASCO want to go against physics with their armor for the English SUV, which is now able to withstand bullets and bombs.

At the moment, this protection that wants to make the Defender a car more typical of a James Bond movie is available for variant 110. And despite the fact that the German company may later develop a system for the Land Rover Defender 90, those who want to prevent explosions and shots from penetrating the interior right now will have to opt for the long version.

This is the unstoppable 4×4 off the asphalt… and now on it too

Neither Land Rover nor TRASCO speak of the additional weight that this protection implies, but we can be sure that it will not be little, although both insist that it has “a minimum commitment” with the vehicle. Regardless of this, whoever goes to these levels does not worry that his Defender exceeds the 2,415 kilos that he declares on the scale, but protect you from an explosion or gunshot. But what are the ingredients to get it?

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Primarily high-security lightweight steel is used, as well as modified glass and other systems that help make the Defender a bunker on wheels. In this way, customers will be able to choose between VPAM 4 and VPAM 6 protectiona classification that is given to areas of the English 4×4 such as doors, windows, ceilings, floor and in a window that is located just behind the second row of seats.

all of it can be complemented with options offered by TRASCO such as automatic or manual engine compartment fire suppression system, a blue light and siren package integrated into the front grille, intercom system, run-flat tires, heavy-duty power windows, ballistic underside protection and a fuel tank. self-closing fuel for additional safety.

Be that as it may, neither the English firm nor TRASCO have given information on prices, but this kit designed to protect political positions or the wealthiest it will not be suitable for all pockets. Likewise, no reference has been made to whether the Land Rover Defender undergoes changes in its mechanics in search of improving performance due to the increase in weight, however small it may be.

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