Bus traveling to Santiago collides with a containment bar and a private car in Chile: driver fled

The spectacular accident and the escape of the driver that caused it were reported on social networks. So far no fatalities have been reported.

During the morning of this Thursday, a passenger bus was involved in a traffic accident, which caused it to remain in the middle of the roads of the Route 68. After the accident, which occurred at kilometer 10.5, the driver of the machine escaped on footafter it also collided with a private car.

According to reports, the bus came from novitiate, when he intended to join the highway. Nevertheless, ended up impacting a containment barrierwhich was destroyed affecting both the tracks in the direction of Santiago and Valparaíso.

It was also crossed on the central roadway of the route so a vehicle traveling towards Santiago suffered a frontal collision.

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“Around five in the morning, a private bus that was traveling along the Novitiate road, for reasons that are being investigated, would have collided first with a containment barrier and later with a vehicle that was traveling on Route 68,” detailed Captain Álvaro Muñoz, from the western prefecture.

It should be noted that the couple traveling in the car was almost unharmeddespite the fact that the vehicle suffered a total destruction.

Meanwhile, the bus driver repeatedly tried to escape on board the machine, but was prevented by its state. Although, anyway, the driver decided to escape on foot and is currently a fugitive.

“The driver, according to witnesses, would have fled and we are carrying out the procedures to find his whereabouts,” Captain Muñoz affirmed.

Carabineros personnel, together with highway teams, have already removed the bus, enabling the tracks to Valparaíso, while there is still a restriction to travel to Santiago.

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