California Voters Reject Tax on Rich People to Fund State Electric Car Plans

California voters reject tax
Image Courtesy of Carscoops – California Voters Reject Tax

The California voters reject 1.75% tax for those earning more than $2 million a year, even though the funds would have been used to finance major climate plans.

The planned increase, known as Prop 30would have generated money focused on programs to help people buy electric cars and install more chargers. In addition, 20% of the money would have been used to increase resources to fight forest fires.

However, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom campaigned against the measure, claiming it was a gift taxpayer-funded ride-sharing companies. He also noted that local law will require ride-sharing companies to use almost exclusively zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Additionally, Fox Business reported that Lyft provided the bulk of the funding to support the campaign.

California voters reject tax

“California voters decisively rejected this unnecessary and poorly crafted tax increase,” the Vote No Prop 30 campaign said on Twitter.

They stated: “The fact is that Proposition 30 was a solution to a problem that the state is already addressing. Thanks to the courageous leadership of the Governor and the California Teachers Association, voters rejected a corporate welfare program designed to redirect taxpayer dollars traditionally used to support California public schools, teachers and students into a safe for a single industry”.

It is worth mentioning that those who supported the measure affirmed that the state needs a dedicated funding source to be able to establish the infrastructure to handle the mass adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid cars, while helping people of all income levels buy them.

Image Courtesy of Carscoops – California Voters Reject Tax

“[El impuesto habría creado un] healthier and safer future for our state and our families, one with less air pollution, fewer catastrophic wildfires, and an opportunity to save our state from some of the most devastating impacts of climate change,” said the yes campaigner. .

Besides that California ban the sale of new ICE cars in 2035, the state hopes to be completely carbon neutral by 2045.


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