Can the colossal Mercedes G-Class against a 110 hp diesel tractor? (+ video)

To think of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is to think of one of the kings of 4×4, as well as one of the most iconic vehicles of recent times. If we add the surname 63 to that formula, we find a result that does not make much sense but is equally charming. And that is why it hurts us to see the youtuber WhistlinDiesel mercilessly abusing and destroying this Mercedes-AMG G 63, to the point of putting it to “fight” against a 110 hp diesel tractor.

Yes, the G 63 could have had a better life, but in this channel they have dedicated themselves to destroying it openly and doing all kinds of dirty tricks. And despite its unfortunate state and the poor conditions in which its V8 biturbo is found, the German 4×4, neither short nor lazy, faces a Farmall 1206 turbo diesel tractor by means of a rope. in search of knowing which of the two can shoot with the other.

This is the battle between a G-Class and a diesel tractor that nobody asked for but that we needed

And it is that among all the pranks that they do to the G 63 and that hurt the heart of any petrol head worth its salt, this may be the least bad and the most entertaining. On the one hand, we have the Farmall 1206, a tractor dating from the mid-1960s that boasts a 5.9-liter six-cylinder diesel that develops 110 horsepower.

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Be that as it may, we are convinced that the figure will not be exactly low, especially if we take into account the capacity of the engine. Its rival, on the other hand, uses a much more modern but also more powerful engine, thus being the heart of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 It is the well-known 4.0-liter V8 biturbo that delivers 585 hp and 850 Nm of torquefigures that move a mass of 2,560 kilos, a mere anecdote compared to the more than 4,000 kilos declared by the Farmall 1206.

But the most striking of all is, without a doubt, the result of the fight. And it is difficult to determine a winner, since on several occasions he manages to throw the G-Class tractor and vice versa. Although possibly the Farmall 1206 has more merit with its 110 CVits asynchronous eight-speed gearbox and tires that are far from the asphalt ones that the G 63 wears.

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And it is that, after all, the high point of a tractor is its brutal reduction, which allows that, from a not too high engine torque, it can obtain a very high torque to the wheel. This is intended so that the tractor, a vehicle that never reaches high speeds, concentrate all your strength on the task for which they were designed: dragging.

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