Carabineros de Chile intercepted a vehicle in which they transported more than 30 kg of marijuana: there were three detainees

Personal of Carabinieri carried out a preventive patrol in which they managed to intercept a vehicle carrying more than 30kg of marijuana.

This Friday, elements of Carabinieriin the middle of a preventive patrol along the International Route 11-CH in Aricaintercepted a vehicle in which four masked people were traveling and what they carried more than 30 kilos of marijuana.

According to what the OS7 police detailed, managed to arrest three of the four occupants of the vehicle because one of them fled towards the Valley of Lluta.

The procedure allowed the seizure, from inside the vehicle, of a total of 30 kilos 340 grams of creepy marijuana which were distributed in four hidden bags in the trunk of the mobile.

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After this, the zone chief, General Iván Monje, stressed that the work of the Carabineros so far this year has managed to seize “1,270 kilos of drugs in the region, with 205 detainees for drug trafficking, 21 gangs and four criminal organizations dismantled, 14 firearms withdrawn from the criminal sphere.”

In addition, he added that they are “63 houses raided, 15 vehicles seized and more than $22,000,000 pesos in cash seized from organizations, which demonstrates the constant battle against this scourge.”

The presidential delegate, Ricardo Sanzana, highlighted the work of the police institution, pointing out that “This new blow to drug trafficking and organized crime by OS7 Arica is part of a coordinated effort and is the frontal combat with which we committed ourselves to the community and we are taking charge.”

“I once again reiterate our commitment to combat those criminal organizations that are sowing insecurity and fear in our population”ended.

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