Card for people over 65 years of age: renewal changes

In Spain there is no age limit for driving, but after a certain age the frequency with which the license must be renewed increases. Pere Navarro announced, a few months ago, his intention to review both the deadlines and the tests for drivers over 65 years of age. Now the DGT has confirmed the first point, but not the second.

Pontevedra has hosted, these days, the national convention of directors of the Directorate General of Traffic: not only have all the provincial chiefs been present, but also the director of the entity. Among the topics addressed, he highlighted the changes that will affect drivers over 65: The DGT is studying how to reduce the renewal term of his card, which is currently five years old.

Deadlines change, not tests

The reason has been given by Pere Navarro himself: “Everyone thinks the deadlines are excessive and we have to adapt them.” He points out, at the same time, that it is a “delicate issue” and, for this reason, they are going to work hand in hand with associations and groups of the elderly. So much so that the DGT has already asked them to shape their own proposal to reduce that five-year period: “It directly affects them and we know that they are responsible people. We are waiting to see what they offer us.”

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The director of the DGT also wanted to recall that, shortly, a European directive related to this issue will be approved: “We will see what it includes”. But Navarro has also confirmed that, for now, the physical and psychological tests will not change that drivers over the age of 65 must pass in the necessary recognition to renew their license: “Right now we are focused on deadlines.”

The card at age 65

The General Directorate of Traffic establishes that, when a driver turns 65, the validity of his license is reduced to ensure that his ability to get behind the wheel remains intact. These maximum periods of validity are five years for car, motorbike and motorcycle permits (AM, A1, A2, A, B) and driving licenses and three years for professional bus and truck permits (C, C1, D, D1, EC, EC1, ED, ED1…).

This rule is intended to increase the frequency of medical and fitness reviews so that continuing to drive is safe for everyone. The truth is that the medical examination that must be passed and the criteria to be evaluated are the same for any age, but yes some limitation may apply (kilometric, hourly to prevent night driving…) or some reduction in validity if a disease or deficiency is detected that does not prevent renewal, but is likely to worsen.

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