CDMX: transport app driver is accused of stealing a plane ticket and several suitcases in AICM

Through social networks, the victim made the complaint ensuring that the driver had an excellent rating on the platform where he was registered.

Recently, a private ride app driver Uber it was accused of stealing the suitcases and plane ticket of a Brazilian woman at the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City (AICM).

According to the data that appears on the page where the driver’s profile is found, the man identified as Christian ‘N’ would have made a trip to the AICM for a tourist from Brazil, when he invited her to get out of the car and told her that he would send her her bags, this was reported by the Twitter user @amandarosarswho is a close friend of the victim.

“Come down and I’ll meet you with your bags”, Amanda Rosa said about her friend’s case.

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So, according to the story, Christian never returned with the tourist and left her with just “body clothing and lost flight”. Also, He assured that the Uber driver had already been contacted and he assured that he did not have the belongings.

For his part, the driver, who is verified by Uberhas been registered for three years and has a 4.80, out of five, rating. Also, he has insignia of “Excellent service”, “Hero” and “Caware driver”.

As for the Mexican justice, The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCdMx) responded to the user’s tweet and left the means in which those who suffer from this type of abuse can be contacted, however, they have not commented on it.

On the other hand, various Twitter users took advantage of the publication to denounce more abuse by drivers on the platform.

One of the commenters explained that the exact same thing happened to him with his suitcases.. He recounted how another driver pulled out and took his backpack with a laptop and various personal items.

«They contact them and mention that they have nothing and it is the only support they give“, he warned.

It should be noted that the Uber company asks for various documents for added security when it comes to contacting their drivers, who range from official identification, valid driver’s licenseuntil going to the offices to carry out the pertinent security tests and verify that you do not have legal problems.

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