Children attacked the driver with a knife for not letting them clean the windows of his car (+ sensitive video)

Children attacked driver with a knife
Image courtesy of Q’Hubo Bucaramanga – Children attacked driver with a knife

A violent act carried out by a group of children was captured in a video recorded by a passenger who captured the moment when the minors attacked with sticks and a knife to the driver of a car, after refusing to have his windows cleaned.

The events took place in a busy road in the municipality of Soacha, in Cundinamarca, Colombia. At the site, a group of people stood to beg either money in exchange for cleaning car windows who stop at the traffic light.

In the midst of this, the children, who they would not be more than 14 years oldreacted aggressively to the refusal of a driver who did not let them clean his car windows and also he didn’t give them coins.

As a result, children attacked the car with the stick they use to work cleaning windows, but, in addition, in the middle of the event the driver got out of the car to complain to the minors who responded by attacking him with pslaps and kicks.

Video shows when children attacked a driver with a knife for not allowing them to clean the windows of his car

In the video that has been circulating social networks, it is observed as one of the minors Take out a knife with which he tries to hurt the man who, fortunately, dodge the stabs and leaves the scene to seek police help.

After placing the personal injury claimpolice officers arrived on the scene, but by then they did not find the minors. However, hours later, the mom of kids He ended up handing them over to the authorities.

The minors were apprehended and are currently under the responsibility of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare. For her part, the children’s mother was fined for aggression of their children the driver and for allowing them to work as minors.


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