Chile – A couple and their six-month-old son are victims of shooting in Florida

A family was the victim of a trap to steal their vehicle in Florida. In the car they transported their six-month-old baby.

This Wednesday morning, the police authorities confirmed that it is still going on. without detainees investigation for a confinement suffered last night by a familywith his six month old son of life in Florida.

In the car that was booked by the criminals was a couple with their six-month-old sonwho were the main victims of this terrible fact that is being investigated by the police.

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According to what the first investigations showed, the crime occurred during the last hours, when the family was returning home. In the middle of his displacement, they were approached by three armed criminals who wanted to steal the vehicle in which they were traveling.

After intimidating them they managed to get out of the vehicle, so they took control of it and fled firing shots into the air. They also took the car with which they carried out the crime.

The captain of the Carabineros, César Bustamante, indicated that the crime did not leave any injuries, so the three members of the family are in perfect condition.

At the moment no arrests.

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