CHILE – A garbage truck crossed an entire field, hit the wall of a motel and was embedded (+VIDEO)

CHILE – A garbage truck crossed an entire field, hit the wall of a motel and was embedded (+VIDEO)

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A garbage truck at full speed crosses a court and crashes into the wall of a motel.

Garbage truck is embedded in a wall

A somewhat peculiar accident occurred in the early hours of this Monday, in the commune of La Pintana: a garbage truck was embedded in the wall of a motel after colliding at full speed.

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The event occurred at 02:00. According to reports from the police, the truck first hit a public transport bus, and then it ran into a perimeter wall, colliding with a second perimeter fence, whose bars closed the soccer fields, to end up colliding with the wall of one of the cabins of the Maromas motel, on Lo Blanco street, almost on the corner of Santa Rosa avenue.


The driver and two occupants of the truck ended up with various minor injuries. The motel occupants were not injured.

Near where the accident happened, there is a truck depot, where other municipal collection units were parked.

At 07:30, municipal staff closed the perimeter, in order to carry out the pertinent procedures to determine the causes of the event.

A motel worker recounted: “The only thing we felt was the blow, nothing more. There are two damaged rooms. All (the occupants of the truck) were rushed to the hospital.”

the second lieutenant Juan Polanco, of Carabineros de La Pintana, detailed what happened: “The driver of the truck was traveling through Lo Blanco to the west, lost control of the garbage truck, collided, entered and then collided with the perimeter wall of the Maroma motel. The truck companions are stable, apparently with minor injuries. They were transferred to the Padre Hurtado Hospital to verify injuries. Fortunately, those inside the motel were not injured.”

Authorities said they are “Waiting for a crane to be able to remove the truck and also verify the situation because it can collapse.”

“Service policemen did a respiratory test (on the truck driver), showing 1.53 alcohol per liter of blood. He was intoxicated. This person will be arrested.” said polanco.

Confirming that two couples inside the cabins were not hurt.

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