Chile – anti-entrapment plan allows the recovery of a Mercedes Benz and BMW in Lo Barnechea

This Thursday at dawn the facts were reported, in which the owner of a Mercedes Benz managed to recover his car after the carabineros applied the anti-entrapment plan.

A violent gate slam was recorded in the Lo Barnechea commune, east of the capital of Chile, during the early hours of this Thursday, November 3. The victim notified the authorities after the terrible event in which her luxury car was taken.

Carlos is the name of the man who suffered the attack, who was arriving in his brand car BMW to his house at about 1 in the morning, when he sees that another high-end car, a Mercedes Benzparks behind his when he opened the gate.

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“A car got into the back. In that, you don’t know what to do, you act irrationally. I tried to move the car a bit and two people quickly got out. They started banging on the window, they pointed at me. I saw some beams of light that, I suppose, are sights, something like that. It was very traumatic. They made me get out of the vehicle, I gave them the keys and they left. They didn’t hit me.”counted.

After this happened, the Carabineros were quickly notified, who activated the “Anti-Lockout Plan”, which made it possible to monitor the flight of the antisocials: the car Mercedes Benz fled down the Costanera Norte highway.

Meanwhile, at the height of the exit to Recoleta, the driver crashed into guardrailswhich allowed his arrest: It was a 21 year oldwith a police record. The car, meanwhile, had been stolen in Pudahuel just over a week ago.

The BMW, on the other hand, was found hours later in the commune of Maipú.

The rest of the gang members managed to escape.

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