Chile – Application driver records attempted assault in Cerro Navia: “Get off, conch…!” (+Video)

Application driver records assault attempt
Application driver records assault attempt

A app driver records attempted assault that an antisocial offered him in order to steal his car, the event occurred in the commune of Cerro Navia in Santiago de Chili. Fortunately, the event ended up being just a scare that did not get worse, since the driver managed to evade the dangerous situation, fleeing at a moment of distraction from the offender.

Application driver records attempted assault in Cerro Navia

The driver of the application was following the imposed route, however, the passenger, who turned out to be an antisocial who was trying to steal his car, presumably in the company of a second criminal who was following them closely.

The seconds of terror were recorded thanks to a camera installed inside the vehicle that, in addition to recording the video where you can see the face of the assailant, he was able to capture the dialogue that the stranger had with the victim.

“You have to put an intermediate stop (…) I have to continue to the address that you put,” the driver told the radical. Which, after a few seconds, ended up intimidating the worker to whom he constantly repeated to stop, and to get out of the car.

“Get off, conch… get off for good,” said the antisocial.

“I’m going to get off, yes, calm down. I’m getting out”, was the response of the driver, who after the offender put on the handbrake, stopped the vehicle for a moment. However, while the radical got out of the vehicle, in a moment of distraction, he ended up accelerating as soon as the assailant got out.

Thus managing to thwart the crime and escape unharmed. Although he got quite a scare from this incident.


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