Chile – Army officer shot to prevent the theft of the vehicle of his neighbors in La Reina

With bullets, an Army officer prevented the theft of his neighbors' vehicle
Image courtesy of 24 Horas – With bullets, an Army officer prevented the theft of his neighbors’ vehicle

During the night hours of this Friday, October 14, a Army officer prevented the robbery of his neighbors’ vehicle with bullets in the commune of La Reina, Santiago de Chili. Realizing the fact, the aforementioned fired shots into the air with the aim of scaring the criminals away from the scene.

Army officer shot to prevent vehicle theft

The incident took place around 11:00 p.m. According to Captain Sebastián Veloso, patrol officer of the Santiago Andes Prefecture, the owners of the house become aware of the situation after one of the thieves “entered by escalation.”

Similarly, he pointed out that the subject, after forcing a padlock, tried to “steal from inside a vehicle”. However, thanks to the condominium’s camera system, the victims were able to alert Citizen Security and Carabineros personnel.

At that time, the army’s officerwho is a neighbor of the victims, shot multiple times in order to defend those affected, drive away criminals and thus frustrate the crime.

It was when the police and municipal personnel arrived that “the individuals fled in different directions, and in his flight there was a shot that is being investigated, “says Veloso. He also added that there was “throwing of miguelitos through various streets of the commune of La Reina.”

As a result of the crime, currently looking for criminals to face justice, since this would be the second time they enter the same house. The first time happened the week before, when they stole the keys of the vehicles they intended to steal this Friday.


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