CHILE – Carabinero thwarted the trap by firing his personal weapon: Criminals were injured


A group of anti-socials carry out a trap, Carabinero fires his private weapon wounding a criminal and manages to thwart her.

Carabinero thwarts trap with his private weapon

Last Monday night, a police officer was intercepted by a gang of criminals whose purpose was to steal his car, managing to thwart the trap with the use of his personal weapons in Pudahuel.

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As reported by the Lieutenant Dennis Contrerasthe policeman was driving from Curacaví to his home in Pudahuel with his partner, when a car passed and intercepted them.

“Three individuals with their faces uncovered and armed with firearms get out of the car, who try to steal the vehicle,” detailed the Carabinero.

Carabineros carries out the investigations pertinent to the fact by instruction of the Public ministry, where the background of the case was already placed.

One of the criminals was shot and it is expected to find the whereabouts of him and the rest, who managed to escape the scene. After the investigations, it will be determined if they will be charged for the crime.

The offender who was shot by the official has not entered any care center.

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