CHILE – Carabineros dismantled a gang that stole and cloned cars: it sold them with GPS

CHILE – Carabineros dismantled a gang that stole and cloned cars: it sold them with GPS

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Carabineros dismantled a gang that stole and cloned vehicles with GPS installed to be able to steal them again and resell them.

Gang that stole and cloned cars was dismantled by officials

The Vehicle Order and Search Service (SEBV) arrested 16 people in the so-called “Operation Boomerang”who was accused of car theft for resale.

The thieves stole and cloned the vehicles, then fitted them with GPS and sold them. To then return to steal and resell again.

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The criminals were between the ages of 18 and 48, 15 Chileans and one Peruvian, who were accused of various crimes, such as illicit association, robbery, receipt of vehicles, falsification of public instrument and fraud.

Carabineros raided the homes in Recoleta, Maipú, Lo Espejo, La Pintana, San Bernardo, Providencia and Puente Alto, in the Metropolitan region, as well as in Petorca, Cabildo and Pucón.

Gang led from jail

The leader of the gang is detained in Colina I and from jail he managed the operation of the gang.

Is about Nelson Perez Fernandeznicknamed “Chucky”, 22-year-old man with an extensive record of more than 26 arrests for robbery and kidnapping.

He commanded his gang through a seized cell phone. Officials are investigating to find the whereabouts of Pérez’s partner who is on the run.

Cars, drugs and weapons

rubicel guerreroprosecutor North Center, indicated that, along with the arrests, 30 stolen cars were recovered. Along with drugs and firearms.

Stolen vehicles were posted for sale on Facebook, to sell them again. The cars were in the name of several members of the band who delivered them as part of payment.

Then, the thieves would locate the commercialized cars and steal them, generally on public roads, thanks to the GPS that they installed They had copies of the keys so as not to pick the locks.

The general director of Carabineros, Ricardo Yanezindicated that more than 1 million dollars was recovered.

Sold three and up to four times

The boss of the SEBVthe colonel Christian Tenhammpointed out that what was stopped yesterday was to the leadership of the criminal gang, where “Chucky” He ran it from prison. Being the mastermind over install GPS in the cars.

According to TenhammAmong the models found, several had been sold more than three times.

“The sale was always generated by social networks… Unfortunately, due to the low price, people fell for the scam,” added.

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