Chile: Chilling details of the discovery of 4 bodies in a car in La Granja: Screams and machine gun bursts


New information comes to light about the vehicle found with four bodies in The farm.

Details about the dead at La Granja

New precedents arose after the discovery of four bodies inside a crashed vehicle in the commune of La Granja.

Authorities found the car with bullet holes, some of which hit the driver.

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The lifeless bodies belonged to four young men of approximately 25 years of age of Chilean nationality who were returning from a party in Risky Space.

“One block before the impact zone, 20 ‘vanillas’ or cartridges were found in the place, but we still do not have a specific distance,” said the prosecutor Carlos Soto.

“We are in recognition of the victims and the causes of death, to find out if it was the product of the impact (against the wall) or by ballistic impacts,” added the persecutor of the South Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

Witnesses from the sector informed the authorities that the event began with an enigma, but that, as the hours passed, it became clearer.

“There was a party with a lot of noise. And suddenly, around the morning, bursts of submachine guns began to be heard, it was on several occasions, as if someone passed by and shot, and then someone responded ”, expressed a neighbor.

A neighbor in the sector indicated that several shots were heard.

“The shooting started around 3 in the morning and ended around 5, but there were many. I was in my room and I heard screams, but I didn’t go out, one is scared ”, the woman sentenced.

The South Homicide Brigade is in charge of carrying out the investigations pertinent to the case to determine the reasons for it and find the culprits.

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