Chile: criminals dumped more than $10 million on the Costanera Norte highway, but it did them no good

In the middle of a vehicle chase, some criminals tried to distract Police officers by throwing cash, however, they were still captured by the authorities.

Recently the press revealed the moment when some criminals threw $10 million in cash on a highway, after having stolen it in Pudahuel and for which they were persecuted by Carabineros. Finally, there were six detainees.

The unlawful act took place on Thursday in the street swedish krona, where there is a bazaar and a local slot machine. Until then, six individuals arrived, who finalized the theft of a backpack with about $10 millionand then flee in a vehicle.

After the Carabineros team received the complaint, the search for the car began, which was found circulating on the North Coastal. Thus, a chase began where individuals threw the loot on the road, What also the firearm they carried.

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Despite this, the uniformed men also managed to arrest the six involved. This was detailed by Lieutenant José Torres.

After this, a relative of the victim of the robbery gave details of what happened, pointing out that the criminals they pretended to be sellers of products to enter the warehouse.

Carabineros collected the loot, although it is not known if all the moneysince some banknotes reached the Mapocho River.

The detainees will go to detention control in the next few hours. Among them there is a 17 year oldfour Peruvian adults and one Chilean.

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