Chile: Customs will auction 22 cars, 303 computers, 145 tablets and more, in a Christmas auction with prices without competition

Customs will auction cars in Christmas auction
Image courtesy of Soy Chile – Customs will auction cars in Christmas auction

The regional director of the Customs of Iquique, in Chili, Cristian Molina Silva invited the entire community to participate in the last customs auction of the year, highlighting the offer of 267 lots of the most varied products. It is worth mentioning that within the various teams of the Christmas auction, Customs it will auction cars, tablets and even computers.

The auction will take place on November 30, December 1 and 2 digitally at the official Web site. To participate, you only need to have your Unique Civil Registry Code and deposit the guarantee of the lot you want.

Customs will auction cars and other equipment in Christmas auction

East Christmas auction is the eighth auction of the year and number 11 since the online system was enabled. “In the context of the modernization of the service and the digitization of processes, we started with electronic auctions and they have become a complete success. In fact, we have been able to collect almost 3 billion pesos in fiscal favor”, explained Molina Silva.

The last auction of the year 2022 has to offer: 303 computers, 145 tablets, 12 play stations, 55,000 led bulbs, 22 cars, 6 cargo vehicles, 6 trucks, lots of handbags, sunglasses, wristwatches and wall clocks, and a lot with 100 Christmas ornaments. In the same way you can find construction materials such as ceramics, PVC rolls, laminated plaster ceilings and their mounting parts.

Customs will auction cars in Christmas auction
Image courtesy of Iquique Televisión – Customs will auction cars at Christmas auction

If you want to participate in the car auctionor in any other batch may review available products on the website and pay the guarantees online until November 28 at 8:00 a.m. Subsequently, you can make offers digitally from anywhere in Chile.

According to the regional director, those interested should go “to review the products because there are very attractive lots for both individuals and entrepreneurs. We have a 2018 car, with no movement restrictions outside of the free zone and hundreds of products that will be priced without competition. There are also cars that can only be used in extension free zones, in such a way as to expand the possibilities for everyone”.

Molina added that this is a “unique opportunity for micro, small and medium-sized companies so that they can award lots with clothing, shoes, bedding, stationery, toys and birthday items”.

Destined for tax coffers

It is worth mentioning that the resources that are collected in the Customs Electronic Auctions are intended for tax coffersfor which it contributes to the financing of development programs in the fields of health, education, housing and more.

The products that Customs incorporates into the Goal attempts They are those that remain in the public and private warehouses and that would have been retained for contraband, or that are presumed to have been abandoned after the legal deadline has been met after they have been inspected at the control points where the Service is presented.

Customs will auction cars in Christmas auction
Image courtesy of Customs – Customs will auction cars in Christmas auction

As mentioned, those who wish to participate must only register using their Unique Code and paying 20% ​​of the minimum value of each lot they have chosen. It is recommended to review the conditions of the auction, and pay special attention to the day that the lot for which you want to bid is being auctioned.


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