Chile: Fake taxi driver sentenced to three life sentences for sexual abuse of female passengers

Pablo Moya Olivares was sentenced to three life sentences by the Fourth Court of Oral Trial in the Santiago Prison for crimes of robbery with rape robbery with retention and robbery with intimidation making of “fake taxi driver”

The crimes were perpetrated between December 2019 and February 2020 in multiple communes of the region Metropolitan.

The modus operandi of the fake taxi driver was loading female customers in the front seat, with the excuse of having the rear seats blocked by tires.

After blocked the doors and strayed of the route, at that moment he carried out the robbery and threatened the victims with bladed weapons. In some cases he abused the girls.

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were reported 10 complaints, those that led to the conviction of Pablo Moya. The judgment says that “he abused them sexually and verbally, highlighting a special asymmetry of which he was aware, in such a way that it allowed the victims to remain completely defenseless at the will of the perpetrator’s will or will, thus increasing an unnecessary evil for the commission of illicit”.

Among life sentences, one corresponds to qualified and the remaining two to simple. He also received another four-year sentence for the consummated crime of sexual abuse.

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