Chile – Illegal car keepers beat police officers in Barrio Franklin and were released

Some women belonging to the police force were raped by criminals and were released.

Through the social network TikTok, a video was published in which it was known how some policemen were beaten by illegal car keepers in the Franklin neighborhood, in the Metropolitan region. According to the details of the event, the officials ended up with minor injuries Y three people were detained for labor mistreatment. Neverthelessafter passing detention control, they were released.

The women went to Bío Bío Street after a person reported threats from the subjects, who reportedly warned that they would scratch and damage his vehicle if he did not agree to the payment of 5 thousand pesos.

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After verifying the situation, the police proceeded to arrest one of these caretakers. However, they were beaten by their companions to avoid arrest.

“They were cowardly attacked with kicks and fists by three individuals, who threatened a user of the sector’s parking lots,” said Captain Jennifer Ale, deputy commissioner of Services of the 4th Police Station of Santiago.

After this, the officials were taken to the institution’s hospital, where it was found that they ended up with minor injuries.

As a result of this situation, two adults were arrested –20 and 29 years old– and even 17-year-oldwho passed detention control and were finally released.

The TikTok user @ juanmoron76 was in charge of publishing the video where all the aggression suffered by the carabineras is recounted. However, the material is no longer available on that platform.

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