Chile – man is killed during fatal accident in Vespucio Norte: responsible driver fled

Carabineros elements are in search of a taxi driver who starred in a accident in the Vespucio Norte areawhich left a deceased.

This Friday morning the media reported that a man died after an accident traffic occurred in the northern part of the capital.

According to the first details reported to the press, the event occurred around 6:30 in the morning, in the hothouse of Vespucio Norte at the height of the commune of Renca.

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The facts would have transcended after, in that place, a taxi with a private vehicle. In this way, the worst consequences were for the latter, whose driver died at the scene due to gravity of his wounds.

After this, the taxi driver, meanwhile, fledwho is wanted by Carabineros.

As a result of this news, Major Claudio Barrios indicated that in parallel a man appeared before a police unit to report the theft of the taxi involved in the fact.

For this reason, security cameras are reviewed to verify the veracity of the complaint and confirm if there was a robbery.

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