Chile: Motochorros suffered a brutal crash against a car during a police pursuit in Iquique (+Video)

Motochorros suffered a brutal crash in Iquique
Image courtesy of La Cuarta – Motochorros suffered a brutal crash in Iquique

After starring in a violent armed assault in the Iquique Free Trade Zone sector in Chilitwo motorcycle jets escape aboard a motorcyclehowever, suffered a brutal crash into a car during the chase. The facts were recorded by pedestrians who reported the violence of the impact against a truck at a crossroads.

Motochorros suffered a brutal frontal collision with a vehicle

According to the police records, the two individuals of foreign nationality began to follow a private vehicle whose driver had a Big amount of money. The criminals would have shot the aforementioned driver in Zofri after failing to steal the money, leaving him wounded in the arm.

As a result, they decided to flee, embarking on a high-speed flight, however, it was at that moment that, in their career, they did not manage to avoid a white vehicle with which they ended up having a brutal impact, on Óscar Bonilla street.

In it video Recorded from another vehicle, which ended up being broadcast on social networks, it can be seen how the subjects fly through the air.

Motochorros suffered a brutal crash in Iquique

At that moment, the Carabineros managed to catch up with them, arriving at the scene of the accident. There they discovered that the thieves were an adult and a minor, who carried the firearm used in the robbery.

Additionally, another video was broadcast on social networks where the detainees with obvious injuries from the traffic accident are observed. Both had injuries of varying degrees.


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