Chile – Operation 60 seconds: Disrupt gang that had stolen 315 cars and with an illicit assets of $6,500 million

This Friday morning the Government Y Carabinieri confirmed a major blow to a banda criminal of lockups which was led by a computer professional responsible for the theft of at least 300 vehicles.

Through the press and the media, the Department of Order and Search of Vehicles (SEBV) of Carabineros and the West Prosecutor’s Office They reported that they managed to hit the industry of the trap and the slam of the gate, breaking up a gang dedicated to stealing, laundering and selling stolen vehicles.

The operation, which has the name “60 seconds”, was carried out in the Metropolitan regions, Valparaiso and of O’Higginyes the same left 15 arrested and allowed recover more than 150 stolen cars.

It was also confirmed that the band had a patrimony that exceeded $6,500 millionand they were also seized drug, cash, Firearmsamong several other elements to carry out the robberies.

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In the investigation it was possible to verify that this criminal group hired minors, even paying up to $2 million to carry out the robberies.

After being illegally abducted, the gang was in charge of adulterate vehicles, changing their chassis and their license platesas well tampering with their papersso sell them as used and misleading customers who thought they were buying legitimate cars.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, the group was led by a computer professionalwho even carried out postgraduate studies.

The gang, he said, had stolen more than 300 cars and left more than 500 victims with his actions. Also, they had 15 “paper” companies to be able to launder the stolen cars and then sell them.

The director(s) of the Carabineros, Inspector General Marcelo Araya, pointed out that there are 15 detainees, who would be the main members of the band. They are accused of assigning the various illicit and also financing the laundering.

The apprehended will be formalized during the next few hours for various crimesamong which are: illicit association, money laundering, robbery with intimidation, violation of the arms and drug control law, forgery or malicious use of public documents, reception, fraud and other fraud against individuals.

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