Chile – PDI detectives prevent with firearms the theft of one of their cars in Maipú

After the confrontation took place, elements of Carabineros arrived at the scene to investigate the events. It is presumed that one of the criminals flees wounded.

During the night of this Monday two PDI officials repelled with bullets an attempted assault that occurred in the community of Maipuwhere both were spending a moment of relaxation among friends.

The detectives had been talking outside the house of one of them, this on Los Ministerios street, when suddenly a group of criminals arrived to steal the car of one of those affected.

After this, the criminals threatened the police with firearms, to which they quickly responded. identifying themselves as PDI and began an exchange of fire. Thus, the criminals fled and the robbery was foiled.

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In this regard, the sub-prefect Claudio Lobos, head of the PDI patrol, stated that those involveds were traveling in a car that was found abandoned with ballistic impacts one kilometer from the site of the event. This brings up the theory that one of them may be injured.

In the meantime, none of the detectives were injureddespite the fact that the car that those involved tried to steal and that was owned by one of the officials, resulted in gunshot wounds.

By order of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Criminalistics Laboratory and the Carabineros OS9 carried out the investigation at the scene to find the whereabouts of the alleged participants.

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