Chile: Persecution ends with accident, shooting and four people injured in Santiago

A police chase ended with a traffic accident in Santiago Center this Tuesday, November 8, which ended with four innocents injured and four arrested, a woman among them.

It all started with a call for help to the Carabineros, where it was reported that a couple had their vehicle stolen in the commune of Conchalí. Given this, the officials began to chase the assailants, who fled at full speed.

Those involved were three men and one woman, the latter would have fired at the agents, for which the uniformed men responded by using their service weapon and wounding the woman in three opportunities in one of his legs.

Chase ended with injuries

In order to escape from the authorities, the driver of the stolen car tried to run over the officials. However, this dangerous maneuver caused him to lose control of the vehicle and collide with another.

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The accident was recorded at the intersection of Rosas streets with Brazil, where the occupants of the vehicle that was not involved were injured. Two women were also run over by criminals, so they remain in the central exposta receiving assistance.


Carabineros managed to arrest the four criminals, who were brought to justice. In addition, it was discovered that they had two weapons and several PDI jackets in their possession.

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