Chile – security video helps the arrest of app driver who killed a passenger after alleged robbery in Santiago

The man, who is already detained by the authorities, had managed to enter and leave the country illegally after the murder.

elements of the Police OS9 gave notice after achieving the arrest of a 23-year-old subject accused of the crime of homicide qualified and vehicle misappropriation in the commune of Santiago.

The young man, who has foreign nationality, was doing his job for a vehicle application called Driver with a car that was reported to the police. It should be noted that the immigration status of the accused was irregular, so did not have legal permission to work.

In this way, it was found that the accused killed a passenger for the alleged theft of a cell phone during the early hours of September 7, when police personnel were alerted that on Lord Cochrane Street, at 796, there was a man lying on the sidewalk. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found that DAPG, 35 years old, He was deceased as a result of stab wounds.

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After investigation, it was confirmed that the fatal victim was accompanied by his partner when you requested a vehicle through the app. However, at the end of the race, there was a altercation between driver and passenger for the alleged theft of the first cell phone, who delivered up to eight penetrating cuts with a knife that caused a severe anemia and subsequently his death.

Prosecutor Arturo Gómez explained that, as a result of this fact, the “to a job with the Police OS9 and the Criminalistics Laboratory, being of vital importance the recording of the security cameras, both public and private”.

He also argued that “The excessively violent behavior of the accused is striking (…) The thanatologist manages to visualize eight stab wounds that caused death due to acute anemia. It is important to note that it was not one, but eight stab wounds.”

In addition, the investigation determined that the criminal bought the account as a driver of the In Driver app from a third party for $70 thousand. Regarding the car used in the crime, it was detailed that the record records for misappropriation since October 13 of this year.

Another detail that was revealed was that the detainee left the country through unauthorized steps after committing the murderentering through this same route to reach Santiago on October 23, hours before being detained by OS9.

Before the apprehension for the crimes of qualified homicide and improper appropriation of the automobile, it was decreed preventive detention for 100 dayssince it was considered a danger to society.

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