Chile: Service station worker brutally beaten by driver in Punta Arenas

On Sunday, November 27, a worker from a service station was seriously injured by a client who caused facial fractures and loss of teeth.

The event took place in a Cupec located at the intersection of Calle 21 de Mayo with Independencia, Punta Arenas. In that place, the 20-year-old victim was refueling when, in the middle of his duties, he it was the turn of a couple aboard a buggy.

The sister of the victim commented that the passenger of the vehicle was annoyed by how he closed the lid of the pond. Seconds later, the man intervened, who without saying a word hit the young man.

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The incident went viral because a colleague of the victim recorded the images and spread them on social networks.

It is worth mentioning that the affected person had to be cared for by his co-worker until he was transferred to SAR Damianovic. At the health center, he was diagnosed with a eye injury with fracture, and broken teeth.

According to the sister, the young man works at Copec to pay the expenses of your dental treatment, since he had put braces on her. In addition, it was his first job after graduating from high school.

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