Chile: Tanker truck overturns when going to control forest fire in Angol

This Monday in the morning hours a tank truck HE overturned when he was going to support a in the wake of a forest fire in the commune of Angol, region of La Araucanía.

The truck was heading to the Butaco sector to support a structural fire, that was the preliminary information. However, in a few minutes Firefighters realized it was a reactivation of a Forest fire in the commune

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The truck sent by the Municipality would never come to support in the emergency, since it overturned moments before.

Personnel went to the scene of the accident. of Samu and Carabineros. There was only one injured product of the accident, which was referred to the Angola Hospital to receive medical attention.

For now, the causes that generated the incident in the sector have not been revealed.

It is worth remembering that on February 3 a helicopter crashed in the Galvarino commune, La Araucanía region, during the fight against forest fires there.

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At that time, two victims were registered: the pilot and the mechanic of the ship.

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