Chile: Woman denounces attempted rape of application driver in Santiago: “It disfigured my face”

Nohelia Quinones requested a taxi through the application InDrive to go to the airport Santiago, but his journey turned into a nightmare.

“The taxi driver took a detour, he didn’t take me to the airport. He tried to abuse me, I defended myself and he hit me. He disfigured my face, practically, with pure blows”, recounted the woman of Peruvian nationality to Page 7.

He took my suitcase, my documents, absolutely all my belongings and left me unconscious in a dump, Nohelia recounted the events that occurred on December 15. Now, he seeks justice.

The application, according to the aforementioned source, refused to provide more information about the driver, so she sought legal advice given the seriousness of the event, although they ask for a large sum to represent her.

“They are asking me for a million. The victim always has to pay everything. It’s totally unfairhe declared.

He also mentioned that the Prosecutor’s Office had closed the case due to “lack of information.” However, he managed to get the case reopened and is now awaiting an interview with the prosecutor in charge.

“I fought with this guy, so that he would not achieve his rape mission and for that reason he totally destroyed me, leaving me in a dump. Now I can’t go out alone”, he asserted.

If there hadn’t been a person who lived around there, they wouldn’t have found me or helped me. I don’t know what she would have done by herself in that place.” adds the Peruvian, who admits to being furious about the situation,

“Who responds to this surgery that I have pending on my face? That delinquent is still loose, I have photos. I want them to know who he is, because he can’t stay free.“he comments.

What did they say from the app?

InDrive noted that what happened was a “attempted assault” something that the woman does not share, since she qualifies it as a “fact”.

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The company limited itself to rejecting “any act of violence that violates the dignity of the person and harms the safety of users who make use of the platform”.

They also reported that the driver was banned for life, “without the possibility that you can make use of the platform in any of the services that are offered”.

Finally, he was awarded psychological support to the victim “with the aim of ensuring their emotional well-being”, in addition to being willing to collaborate with the authorities.

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