Chile – Woman recently bought a car, was trapped and criminals collided with it, destroying it


A woman after buying a new car, suffers locked upthe anti-socials steal the vehicle and then crash it causing a road accident.

Woman suffers lockdown and loses newly bought car

Early this Tuesday morning, a woman was the victim of a trap where criminals intimidated her to steal the car she had bought hours before, to escape and cause a traffic accident, leaving the car on the Costanera Norte highway.

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The woman was going east and was intercepted by a group of criminals who intimidated her to steal her car, however, while speeding, they overturned the vehicle, managing to escape on foot.

Captain Renan Gonzalez, round officer of the Santiago North PrefectureHe reported that “Carabineros from the Recoleta Sur Subcommission Station, at dawn today, attended a traffic accident procedure that occurred on the Costanera Norte highway. In said place there were two collided vehicles of which one of them would have overturned and its occupants would have fled the place.”

“Subsequently, it was established that the overturned vehicle had been stolen moments before a few kilometers from that place,” added.

The captain said in a statement that “As a result of this, the Carabineros works hard to find the location of the criminals,” delivering the background of the fact to the Public ministry.

The vehicle was destroyed after the accident, a newly purchased unit.

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