Chile: Woman was shot in the chest and drove 45 kilometers to a hospital in Osorno

A 46-year-old woman was shot by her partner and he drove in his car a considerable distance to the Osorno Hospital, in the Los Lagos Region.

The incident was recorded in the early hours of this Wednesday, October 19, when the victim went to the health center in the aforementioned region with a gunshot wound to the chest from a short weapon.

According to local media, the aggressor would have reacted in this way after starting a discussion with the woman in the house, located in the commune of Saint Paul.

At that time, the subject would have been manipulating a stir, which fired a bullet that hit the woman’s chest. After shooting, he chose to flee, without helping his partner, who was left inside the house injured.

The girl moved by her own means to her vehicle and went to Osorno, traveling more than 45 kilometers.

The victim managed to reach serious condition to the emergency unit from the medical center, where she was treated. I also know notified the Carabineros de Chile, she, in the first instance, pointed out that the shot was accidental.

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However, after being discharged and after the proceedings to find the whereabouts of the subject, the The woman admitted that her partner had intentionally shot her. He even claimed that the gun was fired multiple times.

Therefore, an order was issued detention against Alexander Aribel, woman’s partner, for the crime frustrated femicide. Until now, his whereabouts are unknown.

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