Citroen Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette Debuts With Retro Look For Modern Van

If you like the classic look of vehicles but appreciate the amenities of a modern model from today, then check out the new Citroen Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette. Italian coachbuilder Caselani created a fiberglass body kit to give this van a retro look. However, the powertrain and technology remain unchanged. Citroen officially licensed the conversion.

The modern Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette comes from Caselani designer David Obendorfer. He made a new grille with an M-shaped line and a chrome Citroen chevron in the middle. The revised hood reaches a point at the end and has a wavy pattern on top. The large, round headlights fit snugly against the front of the long fenders.

Corrugated panels along the sides fit over the Berlingo’s regular bodywork. In the original 2CV version, this was to add rigidity to the body. In this case, it’s purely aesthetic.

The back has a door with a pair of oval-shaped windows. The new taillights consist of large stacked circular headlights.

“It was an interesting challenge because the original van had completely different proportions. It had a very short front overhang, a long hood and a visually stand-alone load compartment, a very different feature from the Berlingo. So I focused more on that aspect of the car. that evokes the overall original vehicle rather than imposing individual design elements to make it look like a Fourgonnette 2CV,” said Obendorfer.

Caselani offers this body kit for the Berlingo panel van and passenger carry versions. As only an exterior change, this new look can fit into any model’s powertrain, including EVs.

The original Fourgonnette AU 2CV debuted in 1951 and various spinoffs remained in its lineup until 1987. At that time, Citroen sold an estimated 1.25 million units, according to the company’s announcement of the new Berlino body kit.

Caselani will begin taking orders for the Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette on October 1. Production will start in January 2023. the company site does not list prices for them at this time.

The Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette joins Caselani’s two other retro-themed Citroen vans. In 2020, it introduced the Space Tourer and Jumpy Type HG kits. The Type H Transformation arrived for Jumper in 2017.

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