Citroën will manufacture a thousand more units of the Citroën AMI Buggy

Citroën will manufacture a thousand more units of the Citroën AMI Buggy

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To everyone’s surprise, the Citroën AMI has been a success and has registered 30,000 sales since it was launched on the market in 2020. Since then, the offer has been expanded with some versions such as the Citroën AMI Buggy: its fifty units were sold for less than 20 minutes and now Citroën wants to repeat this triumph by expanding the special edition with a thousand more copies.

The Citroën AMI Buggy was an instant success: the circulation of fifty units, reserved only for France, it sold out in 17 minutes and 28 seconds. Normally, we are used to reading stories of this type that feature very expensive limited-production supercars: not lightweight quadricycles powered by a small electric motor.

At the time, Citroën revealed that almost 1,800 people expressed interest in this special edition. Now, the French brand has great news for all those who wanted to have a Citroën AMI Buggy: surprised by the high demand, they have decided to manufacture another 1,000 copies, which will be available next spring and will be awarded in order of purchase. arrival. Those interested can already register with their email to receive the corresponding alert.

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There will be surprises

The second roll will be very similar to the first fifty units, but Citroën has already announced that it will come with “some surprise features” that will join the Citroën AMI Buggy that we all know. This variant is born from the ‘My Ami Buggy Concept’ prototype that saw the light of day a year ago, in December 2021, although some aspects were softened and equipped with normal wheels… the enthusiasm for it did not diminish.

Judging by the christmas photos Published by Citroën, the Citroën AMI Buggy will have the same paint that the previous version wore on its body: dark green. It also has the tubular doors, the black plastic lining on the bumpers and the wheel arches or the bronze-colored rims with the center caps in black. The new edition would retain, at the same time, the folding canvas roof.

The technical characteristics will not change either: we will have a light quadricycle powered by an 8.2 hp engine, which draws the energy needed to function from a small 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. It promises a range of 75 kilometers and its maximum speed will continue to be 45 km/h.

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For more markets

Unlike the first batch, the thousand extra units of the Citroën AMI Buggy They will not be destined exclusively for the French market: it will be distributed in ten countries. The prices of the new edition have not been announced, but it should be remembered that the first one was sold for 9,790 euros (without applying the corresponding aid). The first deliveries will take place at the end of 2023.

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