Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults

Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults

The Chevrolet brand is well known in the automobile market for its vehicles that travel daily on the roads, however, when it comes to problems of a specific vehicle. We can say that 2022 Chevy Traverse it’s a luxury SUV seven-seater at an acceptable price, although this luxury vehicle has long been known for its flaws. Chevrolet launched its first model in 2009, and owners have not stopped complaining about failures in the engine, power steering, electronic stability control (ESC), brake system and much more. Here we offer you the Common failures of the Chevrolet Traverse.

Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults
Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults

Common Chevy Traverse Faults by Year

We present below a short summary of the faults that each model year of the Chevy Traverse presents.

Years 2009-2022

Chevrolet is known for being a leading manufacturer of motor vehicles, however, it has not stopped announcing problems with the Chevy Transversebeing these faults common according to the model and the year.

year 2020

This year’s Chevy Traverses, indicated several significant flaws with the break system including a noise. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, noted four concerns related to braking. Once the 160 kilometers (100 miles) traveled have been reached, the problem begins to appear.

Year 2015

The faults of the 2015 Chevy Traverse, included a failed Stabilitrak ESC system, steering and electrical system problems. Some Chevy Traverse vehicles burned out from short circuits.

Year 2012

This pattern continued with engine failure, power reduction occurred because of problems with the distribution chain, as well as premature contamination or the engine oil wear.

Year 2011

This model is considered one of the most problematic to date. such as engine derate failure, and check engine light on, brake system failure due to faulty ESC, which may activate without warning. These faults appeared upon reaching 117,480 kilometers (73,000 miles).

Year 2010

The Engine and power steering failures were common on the 2010 model. Many drivers indicated that the steering wheel made noise when turningapart from problems with the unit of the air conditioning and heating system, it can happen due to failures with the pressure hose and the compressor.

Year 2009

The 2009 model had common faults with the power steering and engine due to difficulty with the spark plug coil, the electrical system and with the air bags, excessive oil consumption and a broken timing chain.

Main common failures of the Chevrolet Traverse

Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults
Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults

1. Engine faults

Chevrolet Traverse has had many engine problems since 2009. Although the newer models have been updated, and Chevrolet seems to have completely minimized engine failure. However, owners report that the engine shuts off when it reaches a particular mileage.

Traction control and check engine light: the faults more serious engine is that the traction control is turned off and turn on the check engine light. Many drivers report that their Traverse lose power as they travel.

high oil consumption and spark plug coil failure: as usual consume a large amount of oil, generating performance failures. On the other hand when reach 77 kilometers (48 miles), the coils of the spark plugs begin to fail, presenting ignition problems. The timing chain on the engine needed to be replaced.

2. Faults with power steering

Early Chevrolet Traverse models They had serious problems with the power steering. Including a steering wheel that was difficult to turn and in some cases malfunctioned, due to damaged parts within the steering rack. These faults were recurring once the vehicle had logged 177,000 kilometers (110,000 miles).

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3. Brake failure

Chevy Traverse likewise I throw problems with the braking system, suddenly noticing involuntary acceleration, pulsation when braking, incorrect operation while the car is in motion and hydraulic failures of the braking system.

Electronic stability control faults

In addition to the serious flaws mentioned above, there is great concern with the electronic stability control. Failures just with the braking system lead to a damaging reputation for Chevrolet. The ESC is a computerized system that improves the stability of the car, when it detects stalling and minimizes traction.. With this faulty system, the car can be at risk of losing control..

4. Electrical faults

Electrical problems in a car can cause it to not start. Many models of different years, presented complications in the loss of power in various systems, including loss of traction and the ignition of the engine light, this leads to many safety problems.

Chevy Traverse Models to Avoid

Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults
Common Chevrolet Traverse Faults

The leading model with the most reported failures is the 2011 Chevy Traverse, as long as you can avoid this model it would be to your advantage. Even though engine problems are regularly fixed with this model, it still continues to have many failures.

The 2010 model, after traveling 112,750 kilometers (70,000 miles) begins to cause problems, as confirmed by countless complaints from many users about the car.

How many kilometers or miles can the Chevrolet Traverse last?

To prolong the life of any car, it is best to perform regular maintenance. In general, mechanical specialists detect failures early, safeguarding the driver from any dangerous event on the road.

The average that can be estimated from a Chevy Traverse is 320,186 kilometers (200,000 miles). Although this figure can be lowered considerably in certain more complicated models, such as the 2011 Chevrolet Traverse.

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