Comparison GLA, X1 or Tonale Which is the best buy?

The premium SUV segment has just released important new features, we are talking about the new Alfa Romeo Tonale and BMW X1, two cars that are loaded with arguments to become best sellers, but that will have to face very consolidated models to achieve it. For this reason, today we bring you a comparative video between the Mercedes GLA, the BMW X1 and the Alfa Romeo Tonalethus seeking to discover which is the best buy among these three compact, family and premium SUVs. can you come with us?

A priori we could say that we find ourselves with three quite similar cars, with similar approaches and the same objective, which is none other than to conquer the compact SUV segment. Nevertheless each of these models defends a philosophy very different from that of its rivalsbetting on very personal approaches as well demonstrated by their exterior designs, their mechanical offer or the way in which they understand the integration of technology in their cabins.

Yes ok the Mercedes GLA is postulated as the most veteran option of this triple comparisonthe truth is the German SUV continues to be a very clear reference within the market. The GLA continues to be very strong in aspects such as infotainment, the wide range of mechanics available and the availability of spacious and easily adjustable rear seats. The quality of some of its interior materials, the trunk volume (from 385 to 435 liters) and the prices of its range are its most debatable points, but it is clearly an option to take into account in its category.

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The BMW X1 launches a third generation loaded with noveltiesbut defending the same philosophy as one of the most useful compact SUVs as a family car. Its cabin is the most spacious, as its rear seats demonstrate, where we have the best levels seen in this analysis, as well as a trunk that provides between 500 and 540 liters of cargo volume. The build quality and the wide range of powertrains available are also two of its best arguments, contrasting with an infotainment section that is not as polished as the one offered by the Mercedes MBUX system (especially in ergonomics) and a design, both exterior and interior, more polarizing.

These 3 SUVs have similar prices and approaches, but they couldn’t be more different from each other… for better and for worse

And finally, in this comparison we are accompanied by a complete rookie in the category such as the Alfa Romeo Tonale. The first compact SUV of the Italian firm lands on the market with a clear commitment to offer a different vision of the most compact and family SUVs, standing out especially for its exterior design and for a set-up that makes it the most agile car in this analysis, which is not why it is sportier. Its interior space is good, although it falls slightly below the X1, while its 500 liter trunk allow it to far outperform GLA. The interior design has nothing to do with its rivals, offering good possibilities in infotainment, but fleeing from the all-screen fashion present in its rivals. The same happens with the mechanical offer, with a clearly smaller range, although very interesting by offering microhybrid gasoline, diesel and a plug-in hybrid version. Only the sports and 100% electric versions that do offer or will offer GLA and X1 would be missing.

After testing these three SUVs thoroughly, we have reached a verdict, but which one would you prefer?

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