Cyber ​​Roadster: a car based on the Model 3 and inspired by future Tesla products

Cyber ​​Roadster: a car based on the Model 3 and inspired by future Tesla products

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A California man was inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck and Roadster to create a custom vehicle he calls Cyber ​​Roadster.

david andreyev is the creator of the vehicle, a subject who months ago took on the task of making a cybertruck tribute starting from a Toyota Prius C hacked.

Now, it brings the Cyber ​​Roadster which has a set of dedicated videos on the channel of YouTube Cyber ​​Hooligan.

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It is mainly a Tesla Model 3 with two engines, but the finished product will have a different look, since its changes are focused on the body. The car will have two doors, a sloped windshield, a different cargo port location, among other changes.

In a series of videos you can see how the vehicle is being built and, despite leaving the name Cyber ​​Roadster maintains a sleek sports car look. It’s also missing the Cybertruck’s hard creases and edges.

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It features some sharper vents and lighting gaps with a light bar at the rear that makes a nod to the truck. For now, the design has not been finalized, so more changes are expected.

It is impressive how quickly this particular project was created. One thing is certain: the final product will be eye-catching and will combine the aspects of both designs. Therefore, there is a lot of expectation about it. Now all that remains is to enjoy the creation process.

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