Cyclist deliberately crashes into cars that do not respect the bike path (+VIDEO)

Cyclist deliberately crashes into cars that do not respect the bike path (+VIDEO)

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A argentinian cyclist ignited the controversy on social networks, after it was recorded going down the street cycle path crashing into all the cars that invade the confined lane.

“Oh, I didn’t see you”, he says after hitting one of the vehicles encroaching on the lane designated for bicycle riders.

This action surprises motorists who are waiting for the subject to reduce speed before the space invasion, which doesn’t happen.

The video is quite descriptive, the young man impacts with all the cars parked in the bike path, then he excuses himself explaining that this area is for his passage.

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It also applies the argument most used by drivers when they have an altercation on the road “oops, I didn’t see you”, responding to the invaders who are very upset.

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This audiovisual has generated divided opinions on social networks, some say that “motorists always get away with it”, so it is in favor of the young man.

While others consider that he is acting incorrectly, arguing that the cars they cannot fly to turn left. Either way, you can join the discussion after watching the video below.

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