David Beckham’s Ferrari 360 can now be yours and, thankfully, without the typical footballer setup

As a general rule, the footballers’ union does not stand out for having too much taste when it comes to configuring cars, leaving extravagant results or those that do not escape the ordinary. But in every rule there is an exception, and in this case it is the David Beckham of 2001, who bought an elegant, subtle Ferrari 360 Spider and now it can end up in your garage.

And it is that at the beginning of the century the former English player was still playing in his homeland, specifically at Manchester United. His salary at that time already allowed Sir Beckham to acquire vehicles of this kind, and the 360 ​​Spider was, among others, one of his choices to move around England, enjoying not only its glorious atmospheric V8, but also a quite successful color combination.

The Ferrari 360 Spider that belonged to David Beckham can be yours

Our protagonist was brave enough as to avoid the cliché that every first Ferrari has to be red. And so he demonstrated it not with the 360 ​​Spider, but with the gray 550 Maranello that he had and the Superamerica that he acquired in the same color. In this way, the Italian supercar that ended up in Beckham’s credit did so with a configuration that paired the Nero -black- of the bodywork with an interior finished in Sabbia -beige- leather.

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Specifically, the 360 ​​Spider came into the hands of the English in July 2001, and since then it has only traveled 12,550 kilometers, although yes, going through other owners. Be that as it may, the car has faced all the revisions in the official house and, at least aesthetically, it seems that it is in top shape to be enjoyed properly.

Delving into the configuration of this unit, we find the BBS wheels of the Challenge Stradale variant, carbon fiber seats and Tubi exhaust to make the V8 melody reach its maximum splendor. What is less accurate, from our point of view, It’s the F1 automatic gearbox.having been much more commendable the six-speed manual with a grid-type change.

Regardless of this, we find a 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 which develops 400 hp and 373 Nm of torque. With these figures, the Maranello supercar is capable of covering 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds and reaching a top speed of 290 km/h, very respectable figures but which, excuse us for insisting, are diminished by a glorious melody.

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Now, how much do you have to pay to get the Ferrari 360 Spider that belonged to David Beckham? classic engine hubthe company in charge of managing the sale, asks 110,000 pounds for the copy, or what is the same, 124,700 euros to change.

As a general rule, in England it is easy to find units of the 360 ​​Spider for around 70,000 pounds, a figure that is equivalent to approximately 80,000 euros. In the case of markets such as Spain, the Italian convertible can be found between approximately 60,000 and 80,000 euros, but given the condition, mileage and previous owner, the unit that concerns us today has been valued upwards.

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