Diego Maradona’s Mercedes-Benz is auctioned and hopes to raise at least 150 thousand euros

The Mercedes Benz that once belonged to Diego Maradona It will be auctioned on February 2, 2023 in Paris, France. On this occasion, the Bonhams bookmaker will organize the bid, which will try to raise between 150 and 200 thousand euros.

A considerably high number, when compared to the 37 thousand offered for this very car last March. The sum was very low, since they expected at least 60 thousand, so it was not sold.

The car in question is a 450 SLC and indeed, it belonged to Maradona between the August 8, 1980 to December 21, 1981.

The history of Maradona’s Mercedes-Benz

There are several versions about the origin of the car, since there are those who affirm that the Boca Junior club gave it to him, although the times do not agree, since “El Pelusa” put on the blue and gold in 1981.

Others point out that it was given to him by the fans of Argentinos Juniors, club where he debuted as a professional.

Regardless of how it came to the Argentine star, the important thing is that it is a jewel for those motor enthusiasts. This particular model only had 816 units.

Inside it hides a 5.0L V8 capable of producing 240 HP which is managed by a 3 gear automatic transmission. It has traveled 60 thousand km.

Diego Maradona: the auctions of his cars

Since Diego Maradona’s death, several of his cars have been sold. One of them was the convertible Porsche 911 that he used in Seville for 483 thousand euros.

Also the BMW 4 Series that he drove while he was coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. This copy has his signature on the windshield, blue lights and police siren.

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Another example was a Fiat 128, his first car in Europe, which he bought in December 1982. valued at $400,000.

Finally, the BMW i8 Coupé that he had in Dubai, which was sold after his death. “I have a little fun with this”, he confessed at the time before the cameras.

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