Diesel or gasoline, this is the renewed SUV that now travels more than 100 km without consuming a drop of diesel or gasoline

Diesel or gasoline, this is the renewed SUV that now travels more than 100 km without consuming a drop of diesel or gasoline

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The offer of engines, and combinations of internal combustion electrical and mechanical systems, available on the market is increasingly abundant. And therefore the options available to customers. The club of plug-in hybrids that exceed 100 kilometers of electric autonomy, which is precisely the milestone achieved by the SUV in questionis less and less select.

The high-end models continue to gain electric autonomy and overcome the 100-kilometer barrier. Autonomies that already allow us to cover practically all daily journeys without consuming a drop of diesel or gasoline.

As if that were not little, the Mercedes-Benz SUV, whose update has just been announced these days, offers an even more peculiar, interesting and rare mechanism on the market, that of a diesel that is capable of traveling more than 100 kilometers in electric mode.

With its update, the Mercedes GLE and GLE Coupé manage to overcome the 100-kilometer barrier without consuming a drop of gasoline or diesel in its plug-in hybrids

Diesel and gasoline microhybrids with ECO label

Mercedes-Benz has revised its range Mercedes GLE and GLE Coupé, a high-end SUV that is offered with two bodies, a traditional SUV and another with a sportier design, called the GLE Coupé and a range of diesel and gasoline engines available, in both cases, with two technologies, the 48-volt microhybrid and consequently with the ECO label, and the plug-in hybrids with autonomies that already exceed 100 kilometers and with the Zero Emissions label.

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Regarding the microhybrid offer, the Mercedes GLE and GLE Coupé range has three engines, diesel and gasolinewith a 15 kW (30 hp) electric support motor:

  1. GLE 450 4MATIC (petrol): 381 HP (+20 HP)
  2. GLE 300 d 4MATIC (diesel): 269 HP (+20 HP)
  3. GLE 450 d 4MATIC (diesel): 367 HP (+20 HP)

Diesel, or gasoline, with more than 100km of autonomy

In addition to rich equipment and design innovations, the Mercedes GLE and GLE Coupé range has also improved the autonomy of its plug-in hybrids, which according to WLTP reach 105-109 kilometers with a full battery recharge. An improvement that has been achieved without the need to increase the capacity of its batteries, which is still 31.2 kWh.

Which in realistic conditions means being able to travel more than 80, or even 90 kilometers, with a full recharge.

Having a diesel plug-in hybrid and a gasoline one:

  1. GLE 400 e 4MATIC (petrol): 280 kW (381 hp)
  2. GLE 350 from 4MATIC (diesel): 245 KW (333 HP)
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As we told you, plug-in hybrids with great autonomy are experiencing a boom in high-end products like these. Let’s think that the Mercedes GLE and GLE Coupé range exceeds, respectively, €80,000 and €95,000 in its most economical microhybrid versions. We are talking about products that are not accessible to anyone.

But, at this point, we cannot avoid mentioning one of the most interesting rivals that will arrive in Europe this year. A Chinese-made product, the WEY Coffee 01, which due to its focus, performance, and equipment, directly aims to compete with the GLE range of Mercedes-Benz and the alternatives of the German premiums. And it does so with a price that will be close to €55,900 (that is its price in Germany at the moment) and achieving an electric autonomy that is already close to 150 kilometers. What realistically means ability to go more than 100 kilometers (or even more than 130) without consuming a drop of gasoline on most daily commutes.

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