Digital rendering of BMW X7 by Mansory with makeover

Mansory provides a digital representation of the bmw x7 showing off an attention-grabbing makeover.

Digital rendering of the BMW X7

Mansory recently published renderings of a modified version of the bmw x7 looking like the pre-facelift model. However, Mansory indicated that this new project is based on the X7 ICLlike face wash bmw.

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The digital designs are based on the Original X7 equipped with the M package. However, it shows modified grilles smaller than the original ones. Along with extra small air intakes below the grilles and an updated front bumper with larger openings and a trapezoidal lower grille.

The wide bodywork continues to the sides, where extended wheel arches hide large 24″ wheels. Mansory it says it will offer 11 different wheel designs in various sizes and styles. The X7 from the images shows a multi-spoke design and a size of 24″.


It shows a new bumper extension with aggressive styling from the side, a body-color lower diffuser with four tailpipes around it with a new black trim, and a new trim that wraps around the windshield.

Mansory does not explain if his new kit It will be applied to the previous variant as well as to the updated model. The tuning firm could offer a reverse facelift conversion kit in response to criticism of the new split headlight design.

Whichever version it is based on, Mansory announced that you can modify the interior to suit the client. Based on the mechanical adjustments under the hood, he has not specified anything at the moment.

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