Diorama Build Shows How To Make A Hangout Place For Hot Wheels

There are many ways to enjoy your Hot Wheels. You can buy a track for it, which is something most collectors will do. Some just keep them in boxes to preserve toys for years. However, dioramas are arguably the coolest way – especially if it’s something you’ve made yourself.

There are several tutorials on the web on how to make a diorama, but this one is from Bear Crafts on YouTube is probably one of the most detailed out there.

Perfect for 1/64 scale Hot Wheels, this diorama is completely made from scratch, unlike the Hot Wheels tracks you buy and assemble out of the box. Better yet, this video not only shows the diorama itself, it also gives you a clear view of how to create each piece so you can replicate it on your part.

To get started, you’ll need a number of tools for your build. The main thing is measuring and cutting tools. You’ll also need a shear cutting tool to make sure that your straight line is perfectly straight, while a drill is also needed for parts that require you to punch holes. Then you’ll also need tweezers, a paint brush, and most importantly, an airbrush for some realistic details. And of course, glue – many glue.

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As the base, the YouTuber here uses plywood, while most of the parts are made of PVC foam board. There are different types of paint used as well, including acrylic and hobbyist purchased. No 3D printing involved here – no, sir.

We really like the details here, such as the dried tea leaves used as “soil” for the garden, while the static grass and miniature trees were also added to add some greenery for the mini hangout. For lighting the warehouse, LED strips are used, while mini street lights are also added to complete the details of the road.

The finished product is like a roadside warehouse with parking spaces – something you would imagine for a street scene.

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