Doctor accused of intentionally throwing a Tesla with his wife and children inside off a cliff

A doctor was accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff, the vehicle would have fallen 250 feet (76 meters) from a notorious California cliff, a fact for which he will be arrested after leaving the hospital. And it is that, the authorities expressed that the man intentionally drove over the edge with his wife and his two children inside the car.

Dharmesh Patel, a 41-year-old physician from Pasadena, He will be charged with attempted murder as well as charges of child abuse upon leaving the hospital.the California Highway Patrol specified in a statement.

“CHP investigators worked through the night interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence from the scene,” the highway patrol said in a statement.

And he added that “based on the evidence collected, the investigators developed probable cause to believe that this incident was an intentional act”.

Image courtesy of NY Post – Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff

Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff

Patel, his wife, Neha, and their children, a 7-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy, miraculously they survived after the electric car left the notoriously dangerous part of Pacific Coast Highway known as “Devil’s Slide” around 10:50 am on Monday, January 2. The vehicle appears to have flipped several times before coming to rest on its wheels.

KABC reported that Patel is listed as a radiologist at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in the Mission Hills area of ​​Los Angeles.

“Providence Holy Cross Medical Center is deeply saddened to learn of a traffic incident involving one of our physicians and his family. We are extremely grateful that there were no serious injuries.the hospital told the outlet in a statement on Tuesday.

Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff
Image courtesy of NY Post – Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff

Then add: “We will not respond further as this incident is under investigation.”.

Investigators have not yet determined what driving mode the Tesla was in, including whether it had the autopilot functionbut they do not believe the mode contributed to the accident, CBS News stated.


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CHP indicated that “this remains an ongoing investigation and no further information is being released at this time.”

“Ideal Neighbors”

Several neighbors of the Patels were shocked to learn of the accident and subsequent arrest. “They are like ideal neighbors. It seemed that they had a great vacation, they went to see both parents. She seemed very happy and great,” Sarah Walker noted to KABC.

Next-door neighbor Heather H. informed the outlet that the couple are “lovely people.”

Initially, the family members were in critical condition, but all four were conscious and alert when rescuers arrived. There was no guardrail in place when the white Tesla went over the edge.

Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff
Image courtesy of NY Post – Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff

“We go there all the time so the cars fall off the cliff and they never live. This was an absolute miracle,” Brian Pottenger, battalion chief for the Coastside/Cal Fire Fire Protection District, said Monday.

Pottenger said rescuers installed a rope system from the road to lower firefighters off the cliff.

At the same time, other firefighters using binoculars suddenly noticed the movement of the wrecked vehicle, and an incident that initially looked like a body recovery turned into a rescue operation amid rain, strong winds and breaking waves.

Image courtesy of NY Post – Doctor accused of throwing a Tesla off a cliff

The car doors were jammed, so the firefighters were forced to pull the victims out of the rubble with the “jaws of life.”

Children they were pulled out the rear window and carried up the cliff by hand in a rescue basket using the rope system. They were rushed to the hospital by ambulance with Skeletal muscle injuries.

His parents suffered traumatic injuries and they had to be lifted by a helicopter that took them to the hospital, according to the battalion chief.


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Fountain: NY Post

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