Driver full of anger shot dead Venezuelan Aurimar Iturriago in Dallas, Texas for an unusual reason

A young Venezuelan identified as Aurimar Iturriago was killed in Dallas, Texas, after a american driver He will shoot him multiple times. Presumably, the man would have been upset after being passed by the victim, so he undertook a chase.

The portal Utahzolans spoke this Tuesday, November 1 with Alexis Moreno, who had received in his house the 21-year-old girl, a native of Villa de Rosario, Zulia state, month and a half ago.

This tragedy happened in the early hours of last Friday. We left in two vehicles. We in one and Aurimar was in the other. His friends said that they passed another driver, causing him to go slightly off the road, and they never imagined that he would chase them later to shoot them. He did it several times”, Moreno recounted.

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The 25-year-old driver was detained and is under arrest by local authorities.

Aurimar was in the back of the car and was hit by bullets, while his friends were unharmed.

The event has caused consternation in the perijanera community that is residing in Dallas, waiting for justice to be done.

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