Driver mocks while colliding a woman’s car with his luxury truck, tried to run her over and fled (+ Video)

A video was published on social networks where a driver is seen smiling mockingly while escaping after crashing a woman’s truck, whom he also tried to run over.

The events were recorded on different social networks, where it was possible to see that the driver continued to advance in his luxury vehicle, a van Range Rover white, despite the fact that in front of him he had a woman who was trying to stop him so that he would take responsibility for a collision with another vehicle. According to reports, the events occurred in Zapopan, Jalisco and they were recorded on video.

In the virtual community they identified the man who caused the road accident as Carlos Zepeda, photographer of the Informer.

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The spectacular event would have taken place at the intersection of the Patria Avenue and Romanos Avenue. In the video you can hear how they try to stop the driver, while a man who records the video approaches the window of his car and demands that he stop and take responsibility for the damages committed.

“Don’t go, see what you’re doing. You just crashed and you’re throwing a lady”, claims the man who records the video. However, this did not prevent the driver from fleeing.

For now, the affected driver, who also made the recording, had to go to a medical check-up to assess the severity of his injuries. neck and back injuries and filed a complaint before the authorities who through the C5 Urban Shield System They have already recorded the data of the truck that caused the incident through the digital license and plate recognition systems (LPR) License Plate Recognition and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), for its acronym in English, both in the metropolitan area and in various municipalities of the entity.

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