Driving license in Chile: the extension ends in 2023, check where and until when you can renew


The extension For driver’s licenses that expire next year, here we tell you how to renew them and where you can do it in Chile.

Where to renew the driver’s license in Chile when the extension ends?

Driver’s licenses were automatically renewed due to the pandemic, to avoid complications.

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The extension granted by the authorities for drivers who travel with expired documents in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, is about to end.

Drivers who from that moment drive without renewing their license will be subject to fines ranging between 1.5 and 3 UTM, being a serious offense before the Traffic Law.

The term of renewal of the license will be the same day and month of expiration of the document, but of the following year.

For example, if it says that it lasts until April 25, 2021, the actual expiration date will be April 25, 2023.

You must request the renewal sheet on the website of the municipality or go in person to make an appointment at the Transit Direction of your respective community.

The requirements are: the previous driver’s license, identity card, perform reflex and vision tests and the theory test (if the license is professional).

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